One-time payment of 350 USD
Total cost of course (indefinite access to materials)

Upon your successful enrollment in FFI, access to Foundations course materials begins immediately. This course is structured in a sequential format, meaning that students will need to complete each lesson in order to unlock the next; our team feels that this is the ideal design to optimize the learning experience and facilitate a comprehensive development of the culinary skills taught throughout the course. Unlike conventional scholastic programs, FFI allows our students to set their own pace in moving through the individual lessons, which accommodates both the full-time student as well as those who need more flexibility depending on their schedule.

Homework assignments have no due dates, but if you wish to graduate the course with FFI’s Certificate of Completion, signed and acknowledged by Food Future Institute and Chef Matthew Kenney, all lessons and their assignments must be completed within 1 year of your enrollment date. Whether you choose to aim for this goal or not, your account will remain active with “view-only” capabilities. With this status, all course materials are accessible indefinitely – the recipes and lessons are yours to keep for life, but assistance from student support, instructor feedback/grading, and ability to submit assignments does cease after that time frame.